Technical info

Title: Life and death of an architect
Genre: Historic Documentary
Duration: 52min
Languages:  Catalan and Spanish
Locations: Mallorca and Barcelona, Spain
Format: HDCam 16:9

Production company: Mosaic Producciones
Coproduced by: IB3
With the Suport by: Consell de Mallorca, ATB and Ajuntament de Palma
Wold sales: Upside distribution

Direction: Miguel Eek
Screenplay: Mar Pla, Josep Mª Nadal Suau and Miguel Eek
Production Manager: Marta Castells
Production assistant: Jaume Fiol
Assistant Director: Derek Watson
Cinematographer: Edu Biurrun
Camera operators: Pablo Bohigas, Guillermo Paz, Gabriel Videckis. Percy Hans Pérez, Marcos de Haro
Sound designer and mixer: Rubén Pérez
Art director: Carmen Alemany
Art director assistant: Laura Eek
Costume coordinator: Rosa Masagué
Editor: Aina Calleja
Color correction: Jaume Alcina
Original music: Jaume Compte
Music mix and mastered: Juanjo Tur (Estudis Phonos)
Graphic design & motion graphics: Luis Ozonas
Web design: Toni Font

Director's Bio

(Madrid, 1982) He grew up amongst Madrid, Stockholm and Mallorca. He graduated in Documentary Directing from the Escac (Film and Media School of Catalonia) in 2005, and also completed university studies in film production at the Arcada University (Helsinki). He has directed several television programs for several Spanish production companies as Espiral, Graphic, La Periférica, Nova Television, Cinética, and Quindrop. He is a member of Acib (Balearic Island Filmmakers Association)

Miguel has directed several documentaries:

“Vida Divina” Mallorca. 2015, HDCam 52’
“Bennazar”, Mallorca, 2013 HDCam 52’
“Centroamericando”, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, 2012. HDV 53’
”Profe”, Mallorca, 2012. HDV 57’
“Savis”, Mallorca, 2011. HDV 52’
“Editing time. Nuri Bilge Ceylan”. Turkey, 2010. DVCAM 28’
“Villalonga, la audacia de lo oscuro”, Barcelona & Mallorca, 2007 DVCAM 28’
“¿En qué piensas, abuela?”, Granada 2006. DVCAM 28’

In 2005, by directing the musical program “Sidoré” (2008), the fiction series “Món Llull” (2009), for Televisió de Mallorca, among other projects, he founded Mosaic Producciones.

The Company

Mosaic is a Spanish audiovisual production company founded in Palma de Mallorca in 2006. We are specialized on documentaries and television formats. We approach to social and cultural issues. We are interested in identity conflicts, in age, in visionary characters, creators or dreamers.

We have developed stories skillfully and characters worldwide: Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Finland, Turkey, Japan, Tunisia… and we are willing to find emotive storylines.

Mosaic Producciones
C/ Missió 31, 1
07003 Palma de Mallorca, Spain

+34 971 42 58 40
+34 651 16 92 36