Director's Note

Two years after finishing the documentary “Bennazar” another life linked to architecture claims to be explained. The name of Josep Ferragut Pou was repeated frequently in several conversations with fellow journalists as an unjustly obscures personality that demands to be focused in depth.

In addition to the upcoming 50th anniversary of his death, Josep Farragut’s life contains interesting cinematographic, historic and social items that allow us to talk about a dark Mallorca, untreated on a documentary.

Ferragut was an architect eclectic and original, a maverick who faced injustice rooted in politics, bureaucracy and business men impatient for dealing operations in the territory. Ferragut was an illustrated man, spiritual restless, and a passionate for culture: visionary filmmaker, music lover and gay in a society bitterly cruel with homosexuality that was used by muddying his image and his death.

“Life and death of an architect” approach Ferragut without myths or prejudices; a contemporary look through various testimonies and recollections of key moments in his life. Because rethink Ferragut is also about us rethink about ourselves.

When we find a character like Ferragut, we have to stop because whether he was an architect or whatever, a man passed by us here who suffered for something as natural as love.

Jaume Santandreu.