José Ferragut Pou

José Ferragut Pou was born in Palma de Mallorca in 1912 into a bourgeois family. He studied architecture in Barcelona during the Spanish Civil War. At the age of 30 he settled in Mallorca where he would develop a prolific career. His work stands out for its modernity in both public and religious works.

Ferragut was a man ahead of his time, cult, music lover, photographer, and amateur filmmaker, as well as a conservationist of the artistic and natural heritage of Mallorca.

His professional commitment led him to publicly denounce the uncontrolled urbanization that marked the years of the tourist boom. This attitude confronted him with a sector of the factual powers of Franco’s Spain embittering those that were some of his most prolific years.

Ferragut died in 1968 with only 56 years in strange circumstances never solved.